Hi lovely people, hope you are all keeping safe and healthy in these awful times:(  We cant believe what is happening, one minute we were busy painting and creating in the shop, the next minute we are on lock down:(  Schools closed, colleges closed, everything closed:( We need to hurry up and come out of the other side:) We need to listen to the government and follow their rules:))

On a lighter note, obviously we cant run our external workshops, the workshops already booked Mothers Day,  Easter, Willow Stars and Smudge Sticks are postponed and as soon as things are back to normal, my plan is to plan some lovely Summer workshops, hopefully outdoors:)) xx

We are working from our own workshop at home and are offering online workshops in Furniture painting (Beginners), Restoration, Challenging Chairs, How to create the perfect farmhouse table, Kitchen makeover, producing perfect drawers and Finishing techniques.  If there is something you would like to learn and we haven’t put it down on the list, please let us know:)

Take this opportunity to learn something new, we will be passing on our combined thirty years experience and you will get the PERFECT finish:))  xx

Stay safe and healthy lovely people, listen to government instructions:)) and one last thing! Im sure you will all join me in THANKING our fantastic key workers who are putting their lives at risk every single day, THANKS SO MUCH xx