Morning lovelies

What a dark, damp and miserable few days its been (probably suits most peoples moods at the moment:(().  I just wanted to update you on the current situation:) Our shop is closed as none essential, however we are working from our workshop at home.  Our lovely new unit in the the lovely Cawthorne Antiques Centre is also closed:( (two steps forward and ten steps back:(( but on a brighter note!!! I am opening my Christmas shop this week (I was hoping to do it over the weekend, but need a little maintenance from my lovely website chap:), We will be offering local delivery and none contact collection (as before) I do hope that you lovely people can support us and other small local businesses:)

Lets all stay positive, be kind and help others when possible:) 2021 can only get better:)

Happy browsing and hopefully happy Christmas shopping:)) xx

Zoe xx